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Blogging All Stars is the series of posts where I interview working food bloggers to find out what makes their blogs HUGE, what makes them tick and what methods and tips you can steal for yourself!  Here at Food Blogging Collective, we celebrate the successes of our fellow food bloggers and love to learn about their blogging worlds – large or small.  Blogging All Stars is the place where you can find the BIG, BIG, BIG names!

Today’s guest

Today I’m featuring not one, but SIX bloggers!  That’s right, Six Sisters’ Stuff is…you guessed it…the brainchild of six creative sisters (mainly) based in Utah in the USA.  They focus on family-favourite recipes that use easy pantry ingredients, such as parmesan chicken, breakfast casseroles and tostadas – perfect for busy households.  Since launching in 2011, the sisters have released six cookbooks, have 1.3 MILLION followers on Facebook, their own YouTube channel and work with lots of big-name brands in the US.  Their business is now so big that it employs all six sisters, plus numerous members of their family!  I chatted with Kendra, the youngest of the six sisters, and she was kind enough to share these insights with me.


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#1 Why did you set up your blog? What was your inspiration?

We set up our blog as a way to keep in touch with each other. We started our blog before there was unlimited calling and you had to pay for “minutes.” We were using up so many minutes talking to each other, we decided to make a blog to share recipes our kids liked, funny things about our days, crafts, and a bunch of “stuff.” Which is how we came up with the blog name, Six Sisters’ Stuff.

#2 When did you decide to turn serious/professional/full time?

We heard that there was such thing called a blogger conference. We started to see more traction building on our site and people were starting to come across it. We went to our dad, who has a background in computer science and asked him, “How can we make money from this?” It pretty much just snowballed from there. We started attending said blogger conferences and talking with other bloggers on how to grow our site.

#3 When was the first time you knew it would be a success?

I don’t know if there was ever a time we knew it would be a success. We sat by a book publisher at a blog conference one morning and he asked to make a book with us, and even then, I don’t think we realized the potential our blog had at the time. We are just moms, working from home who live ordinary lives 🙂 We even hit up the drive thru some nights when schedules are crazy or we don’t feel like cooking.

#4 What setup do you use for your blog e.g. host, publishing platform etc.?

We use WordPress.

#5 What’s your best/favourite/most valuable bit of blogging kit? (it could be software, a camera, a social-media channel etc.)

Definitely our cameras. Without them, we couldn’t share the magic of food and capture those delicious recipes. We all have different camera brands. I like my Canon, but another sister loves her Nixon.

#6 What do you feel you’ve really “cracked”?

I feel that we have cracked easy meals for busy moms. As I said before, we have busy nights, and as moms and wives ourselves, we experience that, so we need fast, easy and delicious dinners for our families. We don’t have any recipes that require you to go to multiple stores. They are easy recipes, with easy ingredients, perfect for moms!

#7 What do you still have to learn?

There is a lot to learn. The cyber and social media world is constantly changing. Every week there is more to learn and an algorithm to adjust to.

#8 What one piece of advice would you give to a new blogger?

Be you. Don’t try to become another blogger, be original, and show the world what you have to offer.

#9 What’s your next project?

We are planning our next cookbook right now. It’s kind of a secret so I can’t say much about it, but we are definitely excited.

Note: this will be the sisters’ SEVENTH cookbook and you can get hold of them right here.

#10 Where would you like us to check you out?

You can check us out at our website: or find us on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook at @sixsistersstuff.

Thanks, Kendra, we’ll be waiting for that cookbook!

Top Takeaway from Six Sisters’ Stuff

Decide early on what you’re passionate about and then develop your unique blogging voice so that you can share with the world. Then chat, network and keep learning!

Who do you want to see featured in Blogging All Stars?

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