A Year’s Worth of Recipe Ideas with the Food Blog Editorial Calendar

Do you have an editorial calendar?  Do you even know what one is?  If not, you could be missing out on the best way to organise yourself and your food blog.  Never again will you struggle to come up with a post for next week; everything will be planned out carefully in advance, to suit your schedule, your readers and the time of year.

Introducing: a Year’s Worth of Recipe Ideas with the Editorial Calendar for Food Bloggers.

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So, what is an editorial calendar?

Well, if you didn’t catch my drift from the introduction above, an editorial calendar is a process whereby you plan out your recipe or article posts in advance, so that you can see at a glance what you have coming up and what you need to prepare for.  It’s a schedule for keeping track of what you should be cooking and posting, and when.

And why do I need one?

Well, that’s an easy one.  If you’re thinking ahead, you can:

  • stay organised;
  • never run out of ideas;
  • maintain consistency and regularity in your posting;
  • do relevant research easily and in plenty of time;
  • write posts that coincide with national and international food holidays;
  • schedule your social media in advance to fit around your posts;
  • draft in guest writers, sponsored posts and adverts well in advance.

And, if you ever need to take a break from your blog – whether for a well-deserved holiday, a family emergency or just good-old-fashioned blogger burnout – you can rest easy knowing that you’ve already scheduled a few posts in advance and can live “hands off” for a bit, while your blog looks after itself.

Sound good?

Planning your editorial calendar

This calendar will provide you with enough ideas for an entire year’s worth of recipes, so that you never again have that panicked “I don’t have anything to post next week” moment.

To come up with the suggestions, I did extensive research into holidays, seasonality, events, weather, trends and activities (both US and UK), and organised my findings by month.  For each month, I will give you a whole host of recipe ideas that fit the following five criteria:

  1. Theme/activity/cooking style (dictated by the weather and calendars)
  2. Ingredients
  3. Course/Dish
  4. Holiday (national and international)
  5. Why not try…? (unusual spins or ways of diversifying).

So, by the end, you will have an entire year’s worth of different recipe ideas!  Now, who could say “no” to that?!


Remember: you should be writing about these things at least a month in advance (if not two) so you will find you’re writing about detoxing and January health kicks before indulging yourself with Christmas cookies and cocktails!
And if you need to move things around a bit, say, because your country’s school holidays are different or your weather is not the same, then go ahead – it’s your calendar!


Theme/activity/cooking style: New year, new you; detox; fitness, new year’s resolutions, food for before and after a workout
Ingredients: Beetroot, blood oranges, haggis, pineapple, whisky, garlic
Course/dish: Smoothies, superfoods, sugar-free, winter salads
Holiday: Burn’s Night, St Dwynwen’s Day (Welsh Valentine’s Day), Epiphany
Why not try…? Adding nutritional values to your recipes (if you don’t already), desserts using whisky, a Scottish or Welsh-inspired menu, designing an infographic with fantastic smoothie combinations, making an Epiphany cake, setting some food resolutions.


Theme/activity/cooking style: Luxury meals, indulgence (after all that healthy eating!), romantic dinners
Ingredients: Leeks, lemons, chocolate, lobster, prosecco/champagne, grapefruit
Course/dish: Fondue, eat with your hands, mini desserts with lemon, prosecco and chocolate
Holiday: Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), World Nutella Day (5th)
Why not try…? Creating a luxury meal on a budget, researching some aphrodisiacs to add into your recipes (it is Valentine’s, after all 😉 ), Chinese menu or snacks.


Theme/activity/cooking style: Fresh, new life, spring
Ingredients: Broccoli, pineapple, Guiness, crayfish, eggs, samphire
Course/dish: Breakfasts and brunches
Holiday: Mother’s Day (UK), St Patrick’s Day (Ireland), St David’s Day (Wales), Pi Day
Why not try…? Desserts using Guiness or Irish cream liqueurs, Irish soda bread, samphire as a side dish or with crayfish in omelettes, giving your blog a fresh look, baking a pi pie!


Theme/activity/cooking style: Family, tradition, roasting 
Ingredients: Rhubarb, early asparagus, chocolate, eggs, spring lamb, beef
Course/dish: Sunday lunch (roast dinners)
Holiday: Easter, Great British Beef Week, St George’s Day (England), World Health Day
Why not try…? An easy Easter menu, new spin on roast dinner (e.g. with spices), making rhubarb compote or using it in drinks, posting your favourite family recipes, heart-healthy recipes.


Theme/activity/cooking style: Garden parties, afternoon tea, getting outdoors
Ingredients: Wild garlic, elderflowers, bananas
Course/dish: Sharing plates and platters, help yourself
Holiday: Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day (US)
Why not try…? a Mexican twist on afternoon tea, wild-garlic risotto, elderflowers in baking, or a recipe roundup of sharing plates, starting a kitchen – skills lab.


Theme/activity/cooking style: picnic food, weddings
Ingredients: Strawberries, broad beans, apricots
Course/dish: buffet food
Holiday: Father’s Day (UK and US), World Gin Day (9th), Ramadan, Memorial Day, World Oceans Day (sustainable seafood)
Why not try?… bruschetta combinations, gift guides for father’s day or graduations, foodie gifts for newly weds, individual trifles for picnic, pasta salads, fruity gin and tonics, recipes with pollack and coley (or other sustainable fish).


Theme/activity/cooking style: Summer, beach, kids
Ingredients: Melon, new potatoes, Pimms
Course/dish: Cocktails, pot luck, potato salads, cold soups, frozen melon
Holiday: Wimbledon (UK), Independence Day (US), Bastille Day (France)
Why not try…? Homemade lollies/popsicles, tips for families taking food to the beach, healthy snacks for kids on the go, no-cook dishes, Pimms cupcakes, French favourites.


Theme/activity/cooking style: Barbecue/grilling, day trips
Ingredients: Tomatoes, cherries, courgettes, edible flowers
Course/dish: Ice Cream, barbecue food
Holiday: School’s out! World plant milk day (22nd), Eid
Why not try…? New burger combinations, grilled veggies, savoury ice cream, running a “drink more water” challenge.


Theme/activity/cooking style: Back to school, easy meals
Ingredients: Apples, pears, raspberries, aubergines
Course/dish: Lunchbox, healthy snacks, crumbles and bakes
Holiday: Labor day (US)
Why not try…? Farmers’ markets, lunchbox printable, cook-ahead or one-pot meals for when school starts again, meal-planning tips.


Theme/activity/cooking style: Foraging, low and slow cooking, autumn/fall
Ingredients: Mushrooms, blackberries, squash, pumpkins, game birds
Course/dish: Casseroles/crock pot
Holiday: Halloween, International Beer and Pizza Day, World Pasta Day 
Why not try?… a pizza party, reviews and step-by-step guides to crock pots, matching beers with dishes already on your blog, how to cook game, spooky cocktails.


Theme/activity/cooking style: “Fitting into the Christmas Dress”, wrap up warm, fireworks
Ingredients: Pumpkin, parsnips, cinnamon, ginger, turkey
Course/dish: Burgers & hot dogs, roasts, 
Holiday: Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night (UK), Thanksgiving (US), World Vegan Month, Stir-up Sunday, St Andrew’s Day (Scotland)
Why not try…? Food you can cook on a bonfire, Christmas cake and pudding recipes, get-ahead Christmas (freezer lists), leftover-turkey dishes, asking your readers to submit their favourite Christmas recipes.


Theme/activity/cooking style: Celebration, party food
Ingredients: Champagne, cranberries, sprouts, chocolate
Course/dish: Cookies, cocktails, canapes, easy side dishes
Holiday: Christmas, NYE, Hanukkah 
Why not try?… Homemade gifts, easy Christmas dinner, edible gold, fortune cookies, troubleshooting Christmas dinner, cookie taste test!

In conclusion

So there you have it, hundreds of ideas for your next year’s recipe posts.  Which one will you try first?
For more information on UK-specific food holidays, check out this post here.
For more information on US-specific food holidays, check out this post here.
Which month do you struggle with filling?

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